We strongly believe and support those on the mission field. Below are some of the missionaries we support monthly.


Brother Derek Hansen and his family who are in Chili

Brother Manuel Gomez and his family in Mexico

Brother Josh Stokes and his family to Spain

Brother Samuel Weimer and his wife Christin to the Czeck Republic

Brother Ammani Dissi and his family in Tanzania

Brother Mike  Saunders who reaches to the Veterans and First Responders

The Smith's Family who are in Ireland

The Gonzalez Family in Bogota, Columbia

The Brother Doug Burton and his wife Amy to Bougainville, Papau New Guinea

The Ornelas Family to Mexico

Brother Michael Huggins and his family to Brazil

Brother Valera Alexsandroi to the Ukraine

Brother Howard Alverson and Family top Dundee Scotland

More to come Lord Willing

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